You Are A Temple

14 07 2009

 You Are A Temple

1Co 3:16 Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple? God’s Spirit lives in you.   I Corinthians 3:16. (NIV)

*My body is your temple as you live in me.”

I have often wondered what does it means when the Bible says your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit when you live with illness.  I’m suppose to love my body that has betrayed me.

  I have asked church leaders if they know of any references about the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Finally, when working on a devotional intercessory prayer, I found material that helped me.

 Oswald Chambers in, My Utmost for His Highest, says, “We are energized by the Holy Spirit for prayer … we do not often realize that the Holy Spirit Himself prays in us prayers which we cannot utter.  When we are born again of God are indwelt by the Spirit of God.  He expresses for us the unutterable.”

Chambers goes on to add, “We have to remember that our conscious life, though it is only a part of our personality, is to be regarded as a Shrine of the Holy Ghost.  He will look after the unconscious part that we know nothing of, but we must guard the conscious part for which we are responsible.

 Only 10% of our thoughts are conscious.  The other 90% is unconscious.  My thoughts with chronic illness aren’t always healthy … a balance of negative and positive thoughts.  I can’t always think positive thoughts … it’s impossible! to think all positive thoughts.   

 Often I dip into negative thinking with my drunken monkey mind.  Every thought impacts many systems and parts of the body!  Research has shown that it takes 2 uplifts to 1 hassle to balance out stress. 

 I try to add in 2 breath prayers for every negative thought that I have to keep my body balanced and thtemple of the Holy Spirit in healthy shape!

 Breath Prayer- Take a scriptural promise, turn it into a seven syllable affirmation give or take a few, in present tense and second person, and say it on the perfect breath (in to a count of  3 out of a count to a count of 6) as you breathe out.                                           

 Kathleen S. Lewis, RN, MS, PC, MP: has lived with lupus and many other rheumatic diseases for 32 years; is the author of CELEBRATE LIFE … NEW ATTITUDES FOR LIVING WITH CHRONIC ILLNESS and PRAYER WITHOUT CEASING … BREATH PRAYERS; runs a counseling ministry, Celebrate Life, by phone and Internet; is a Stephen minister; has 2 sons and 4 magical grandchildren;  resides in Marietta, GA. with LB, the best Peek-a-Poo ever; and knows “In my weakness is Your strength.”  Check out and meet me for a chat at




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