16 02 2012








                                       “Judge Not”






Mt 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” (Matthew 7:1, NIV}




Judging others by ourselves and ourselves by others


takes away God’s role as the only judge of human motives!


Judging leads to pointing the bony finger of blame, shame,


and eventually bitterness.  We give away responsibility and


power to change ourselves!




The Lord knew the bottomless pit we’d dig ourselves into with


judging.  Over and over he warned against judging and reco-


mended that we leave judging to Him!  The verses go on to


say that will we be measured by whatever measure that


we used on others.




The first judging we need to give up is judging our parents


For what they did and didn’t do.  We need to learn to take


them where they are … both good and bad!




Another forgiving situation I found myself in was in the dance


with other people who couldn’t take me where I was when I


tried to tell them where I was.  I Iearned that when I could give


up the power/control struggle and love and accept myself where


I was it was more likely that others could accept me as I was!


I’d need to say “God, forgive me a sinner” for judging!




Yet another setting was the divorce court.  Once again,


I found that I needed to say “God, forgive me a sinner” in front


of the cross on level ground with everyone else!  It was a hard, big step for me!




When my mother died and left me as executor of her estate, my oldest brother who had been her power of attorney to conduct her business


affairs for almost 8 years to, went ballistic!  He and my middle brother tried to sabbatoge my efforts to manage and sell a 25 acre estate in Greenville, S.C..  I was in Atlanta going through kidney failure and biopsy with no family support!




I was trapped in bitterness for 2 years thereafter.  I finally was able to pray “God forgive me a sinner.” The Lord, once again, set me free to a forge a new different relationship with my brother!  My middle brother died of a brain tumor during that time.




Kathleen S. Lewis, RN, MS, PC, MP: has lived with


SLE and many other rheumatic diseases since 1978;






counseling ministry, Celebrate Life, by phone and


Internet; is a Stephen minister; has 2 adult sons


and 4 magical grandchildren;  resides in Atlanta,


GA. with LB, the best Peek-a-Poo ever; and knows


“In my weakness is Your strength.”  Drop me a line


at joyawe@earthlink.net.





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