He Gives Us a Spirit

16 02 2012


He Gives Us A Spirit


“He gave us a spirit that gives us power, love, and a sound mind”  2 Timothy1:7 (NIV).


*You give me a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind!”


I was attending a body psychotherapy workshop at a mountain retreat center.  I was the only woman there who had been married, was Christian had children, shaved my legs, styled my hair, wore makeup, was on disability, and ran my nonprofit practice out my home … I was a duck out of the water.


At mealtime and at breaks, I’d try to initiate conversation with different people … no go!  I had many negative responses and overheard participants laughing and talking about me a very derisive manner.


In Bible study time alone in my room, the Lord gave  me the breath prayer “You give me a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind!”  WOW!  Power, love … and a sound mind! … just what I needed to breathe over and over.


At the end of the workshop, we ended with a debriefing where everyone there was gushing about how wonderful the workshop had been.  I waited until I was the last person and said that I felt I had hard time connecting with anyone there.


We went around the circle and each person responded to me.  One said that she thought I was hiding behind disability and I could do more … her mother died with lupus as a teenager.  Another said she had worried I was overdoing it at the conference … she had experienced an episode of pericarditis that year.  Yet another one said she admired what I was trying to do.


Each person had responded to me out of their own experience that had nothing to do with me.  It had everything to do with them and what they were projecting onto me.


Only with saying my new breath prayer over and over, was I able to stay calm and caring!  The Lord truly helped me fight that battle and many others since then with the sword of the Lord formed into a breath prayer!


Breath Prayer- Take a scriptural promise, turn it into a seven syllable affirmation give or take a few, in present tense and second person, and say it on the perfect breath (in to a count of  3 out of a count to a count of 6) as you breathe out.


Kathleen S. Lewis, RN, MS, PC, MP: has lived with SLE and many other rheumatic diseases for 32 years; is the author of CELEBRATE LIFE … NEW ATTITUDES FOR LIVING WITH CHRONIC ILLNESS and PRAYER WITHOUT CEASING … BREATH PRAYERS; runs a counseling ministry, Celebrate Life, by phone; is a Stephen minister; has 2 sons and 4 magical grandchildren;  resides in Atlanta , GA. with LB, the best Peek-a-Poo ever; and knows “In my weakness is Your strength.”  Check out and meet me for a chat at http://www.letscelebratelife.com.





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