YOU Are With Me

16 02 2012

“YOU Are With Me!’

Mt 28:20 Teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And you can be sure that I am always with you, to the very end!”  (Matthew 28:20)


The Lord has promised over and over that he is with us.  Jesus is the true Immanuel … God is with you! We haven’t been promised that life would be easy or a rose garden but He would be with us no matter what!

I cling to those scriptures over and over whatever I am facing … confusion, pain, illness, discouragement, whatever!  That promises calms and strengthens me to pick up my burdens and go on once again … one more step, breath, decision at a time!

This has been my breath prayer through divorce, betrayal, raising two unruly teenage boys as a single mom, going through 5 years to get my masters degree  in rehab counseling, getting my hours of supervision to become an LPC, multiple surgeries on my own, and every significant event in my life!

It remains with me now as I will possibly need a repeat kidney biopsy, and chemotherapy with differing opinions between my docs!  Work my way through the web of Social Security, Medicare as a senior citizen.  My “golden years don’t look to golden” to me!

Father God! Help me to acknowledge your presence with me in and through all things I may encounter in my life!  You have promised to be with me even to the end of the earth!

When have you been able to look back at life’s trials and seen that the Lord has been carrying you?  How do you acknowledge the Lord’s presence with you?




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