17 02 2012


“I will pray continually.”




Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks


in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for


you in Christ Jesus” (I Thes. 5: 16-18 (NIV).




Living with chronic pain and/or illness makes for


frequent contact with certain people … pharma-


cists, doctors, nurses, office staff, friends, family


who understand what’s going on with us or not


… our support community.




We are to intercede in prayer for all of those peo-


ple that we come into contact with in the circum-


stances of our lives.  We need to pray continually


in order to pray for all of the people  that fill our


days and lives.




The real business of life as a saved soul is to pray


For people that we brush lives with.  We are to


labor in prayer where we are.  Intercessory prayer


doesn’t leave us any time to pray for our poor piti-


ful selves.




The Holy Spirit prays through us prayers we can’t


utter.  The Holy Spirit looks after the uncon-


scious part of us … 90% of our minds.  We are to


guard the conscious part of our minds … 10 %.


What better way to guard our conscious thoughts


than with our prayers as a shrine for the Holy Spirit.




Through praying continually we become poured


out wine and broken bread.  It takes discernment,


not judgement or criticism for intercessory prayer.


Intercessory prayer changes us.  We can pray con-


tinually whether in bed, the hospital, or up and


about … spiritual warfare.




I needed to live with my youngest son and his wife


for 8 years after I lost my home due to mold.  I have


a difficult relationship with my daughter-in-law that


is very challenging and painful to live with.  I didn’t


know how to relate to her.




I began hiding in my basement apartment to avoid


confrontation or contact with her. I started praying


for her every time we had a run in or difficult circum-


stances cropped up.  I’d pray for her when she walked


by my apartment door.  Little by little, the Lord gave


me discernment and understanding and love for her.


Praise the Lord!




Kathleen S. Lewis, RN, MS, PC, MP: has lived with


SLE and many other rheumatic diseases since 1978;








counseling ministry, Celebrate Life, by phone and


Internet; is a Stephen minister; has 2 adult sons


and 4 magical grandchildren;  resides in Atlanta,


GA. with LB, the best Peek-a-Poo ever; and knows


“In my weakness is Your strength.”  Drop me a line





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