17 02 2012

You Will Keep Me in Perfect Peace


You will keep in perfect peace him

whose mind is steadfast, because he

trusts in you”  (Isaiah 26:3).

Peace is not the absence of war, chaos,

illness, or upheaval.   It a presence of

serenity, calmness, centeredness!  You

can choose what you center and focus

your mind on.

You can chose chaos, worry, and anx-

Iety.  Chaos and anxiety and worry

Never helped anything.  Anxiety and

Worry create a hormonal soup in your

body that creates the environment for

more anxiety!

When Peter focused on Jesus, he as

able to walk on the water in the

midst of the storm.  When he chang-

ed his focus to the tossing waves,

wind, rain, lightening, and thunder,

he started sinking.

Whatever you make your focus

becomes your God.  Victor Frankl,

who went through a Nazi concent-

tration camp experience, says

that you can chose your attitude

whatever  your circumstances.

You can chose to focus your situa-

tion, illnesses, medications, doc-

tors, relationships, finances, insu-

rance coverage, traditional or

alternative treatments, a cure or

magic bullet etc.  That kind of

focus will create more illness.

I have known patients that got

Stuck in the bargainging phase

of the grief process.  They stay

stuck in the search for a cure

or magic bullet.  One lady that

I worked with even blew her

liver out with all of the toxic

alternative treatments that

she tried!

When I focus on the Lord, I

Change myself but my cir-

Cumstances stay the same!

By keeping my mind on the

Lord, He keeps me in per-

fect peace that changes

my body!

Kathleen S. Lewis, RN, MS, PC, MP:

has lived with SLE and many other

rheumatic diseases since 1978;

is the author of CELEBRATE LIFE



All over the country on Success-

FULLLY Living with chronic illness

runs a counseling ministry,

Celebrate Life, by phone and

Internet; is a Stephen minister;

has 2 adult sons and 4 magical

grandchildren;  resides in Atlanta,

GA. with LB, the best Peek-a-Poo

ever; and knows “In my weakness

is Your strength.”  Drop me an




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