17 02 2012


1Ch 4:10 Jabez cried out to the God of Israel. He said, “I wish you would bless me. I wish you would give me more territory. Let your powerful hand be with me. Keep me from harm. Then I won’t have any pain” (1 Chronicles 4:9-10) (NIV).

*”You bless me indeed!”

I had just been for a repeat mammogram.  At the parking lot cashier I asked the teller “How are you?”  Her reply was “I am blessed!”  That response rang in my head as I left and still echoes to today.

I began to respond to those who ask me “How are you” … “I am blessed!”  It was such a magnificent way to side step that thorny moment and witness.

I’d ask in return  “How about you?”  It would kind of startle some folks.  I didn’t need to go into my life’s multiple ring circus … new diagnosis of macular degeneration, kidney failure getting worse, the son I live with facing the possibility of losing his home, etc., etc!  I also feel blessed!

My Vandy Nursing School roommate had me to share dinner with her dying elderly mother. Mama Hopkins instructed “You don’t say ‘You have a nice day.’  Life isn’t a smorgasbord.  You make a choice.  You need to say “Make a nice day!’”

The Lord lead me to put the 2 together and say “Make a blessed day” or “You make a blessed one!”  It’s taking time for those responses to become automatic.

People really respond to that comment whether it be a computer technical support person, check out teller, etc!  They seem surprised and even thank me!

As I was beginning to write this I realized that “I am blessed” is a breath prayer from Jabez’s prayer!  An awkward moment in automatic social interchange has been made into surprise interaction that affirms my blessings and passes them on to others.

Breath Prayer- Take a scriptural promise, turn it into a seven syllable affirmation give or take a few, in present tense and second person, and say it on the perfect breath (in to a count of  3 out of a count to a count of 6) as you breathe out.

Kathleen S. Lewis, RN, MS, LPC, CMP: has lived with SLE and many other rheumatic diseases for 31 years; is the author of CELEBRATE LIFE … NEW ATTITUDES FOR





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