25 02 2012




“And he said to me ‘My Grace is sufficient for  you,for MYstrenght is made perfecfin you!’”


Many times when people realize all that I ave lived through they say “WOW! you are so strong!”


I explain that it’s just the  opposite of what they think. It’s when I  claim my weakness  the Lord’s


strength  is manifested and perfected in my weakness.


When I am feeling sick, tired, confused, lost, fearful, anxious … weak, I claim each time I breathe


out “In my weakness is Your strength!’  I focus  my thoughts on the Lord.  As I focus on  HIM , the


thoughts  that feed those feelings fall  into the background.


If  I choose to focus on the  thoughts  of  weakness, I only enhance  the end product of those thoughts.


I  get into  a  mind/body feedback  loop  where my thoughts  and body’s go nowhere but in a


nonproductive circles. Emotions are the marriage of thoughts  and manifestations in the body.


By claiming empowering breath prayers , I break the mind/body feedback loop!


By  claiming my weakness  made  perfect  in God’s  strength , I find the impossible become possible.


I, also, find protection in breathing this breath prayer. My weak spots are where Satan, as well as, the


Holy Spirit can enter in. I seal over my weakest spots and bind a Satan with God’s strength.  I find


protection  by claiming God’s strength at my weakest spots and thoughts on each breath!


God’s strength can be manifested in my illness, divorce, codependency … weakness!


I have  so  much weakness, not my strength where I will be most yielded  to the  Lord and His




You are strong only when you accept yourself as a “human being’”  not a “human doing  and wekness


where God can manifest His strength. The sky is the limit when you realize that  it’s in your humanness


,and limits that He can do His most miraculous work! As long as you focus on your own strength and  control


the  Lord  can’t manifest and perfect His strength in you.





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