2 03 2012


 And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is

made perfect in your weakness!”

               “Your grace is sufficient for me!”

People wonder at how I’ve survived the upheavals and storms in my life. Sometimes, so do I. My response is  “Only by God’s grace and my grit!” It certainly hasn’t been anything I’ve done or accomplished. God has provided His grace in the moment for whatever hurdle or challenge that was here! As seek His grace in each moment, He provides all that I need step by step, task by task, chellenge by challenge.

Paul was asking for his thorn in the flesh to be taken away. The Lord said “My grace is sufficient for you!” You and I are the same way. We magically want that dis-ease, discomfort taken away, grain of sand, or difficult relationship, or anything that makes us stretch and grow taken away. The Lord wants us to stretch  and grow. The Lord wants us to stay with it and let Him redeem it in His perfect wisdom, grace, and timing!

When you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in the smallest thing and believe God is engineering your circumstances. The limitless power of God’s grace is behind you. You draw on His grace in the moment of crisis, turmoil, and confussion … the present of the exact moment. When you are drawing on God’s grace, you c\an be humiliated by the circumstances of your life and manifest nothing but His grace.

God doesn’t ask you to do anything easy Or natural. You are called to do the the things that by His grace He has perfectly fitted you to do.

God’s grace in my dysfunctional family, and divorce has made me perfectly fitted to be a medical psychotherapist. I can help people and their families choose life and the challenges of living!

Nothing you can do will grant God’s grace. It’s a gift given freely and abundantly. Your job is only to be open to His grace. It is sufficient and all you need for any challenge or hurdle you face. It is enough to embrace all of who you are, no matter what you are facing.




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