13 07 2012

“The Lord is my portion. Psalms 119:57”
“YOU are my portion!”
In allowing the Lord to become your hope and confidence, He can become your portion to make it through the battles of this life. A portion is the part of a whole that is allotted to to a person or group. It’s only in the Lord that out portion can become whole, complete, and perfected.
Other words that might be used in place of portion are serving and helping. This seems to be saying is all that you need in this life to be filled and satisfied. Many times, what you want and need to be filled or satisfied are two different things
Dieters are encouraged the portion of their food and eat little of everything, not a lot of anything. According to dieting theory, when you eat beyond your bodies’ satisfaction limit, you reset your internal guide, as to what need to include more and more excess. You turn up your appetite beyonf what you really need to stay healthy.
Some eating experts say you need to listen to your body and eat what your body is craving. When your intake isn’t exquisitely fine tuned to you output, you put on extra pounds that put a strain on your cardiovascular, musculoskeletal systems. Financially, when your intake isn’t equal, tou end up in debt. The same thing happens emotionally and spiritually.
When you make the Lord your portion, everything follows in that wake. Recently, I experienced an instantly life threatening infection that settled next to my carotid artery in my sphenoid sinus. My financial, emotional, and spiritual resources were not equal to the demands. When I hit the wall and claimed “You are my hope, confidence, portion, everything else fell into place. The Lord became my portion brought me all I needed as I needed it!




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