28 07 2012


                           My Daily Bread                


       “Give me this day my daily bread” Matthew 6:11”


                        “You give me my daily bread!”


       When I was first diagnosed with systemic lupus (SLE), I became shackled in my yesterdays & tomorrows. I was stuck focusing on either what horrible or wonderful might come tomorrow, or how great yesterday was & longing have it back. I was constantly obsessing on fears, anxiety, grief, anger, and fantasies based in past and future.


       Slowly, I began to break out of the bars of my prison by groaning from my spirit as I woke up & went to sleep each day. “Help me make it through this day; thank you for this day or moment.” My pastor pointed out I was praying the Lord’s prayer phrase from the Lord’s prayer. That gave the feeble groaning of my spirit the structure of formal words & understanding.   


       At first, present moment living was only a means of survival for me. At times it was broken down to nanoseconds living! By breaking down what seemed monumental tasks into nanoseconds, moments & days, step by step, I made it through deserts to the mountains tops! Ion time, present moment living became celebration, , the abundant life. I was anchored in the harbor of the bread of my Lord centered & focused in the miracle of the moment of now.


       As the children of Israel traveled through the desert, the Lord gave them manna or bread for each person to have ne small bowl full per  person. They couldn’t save it one day to the next except on the Sabbath. If they tried save manna for the next day, it bred worms & became foul. They\survived on what they needed as the Lord provided their portion for the day.


       Christ offered His body for you & me to provide the grace needed only as it comes in the moment, when taking one step out in faithfulness to the task at hand. You can live by bread & of te Lord. You need to harvest only your portion of fresh bread within the moment or day. You can’t hoard for the next day!





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