31 10 2012

God’s Will
” Thy will be done, in my life as it is in heaven”

Matthew 6: 10 (NAS)
“Thy will be done!”

The next phrase of the Lord’s prayer that I found myself trying to breath in the storms of the illness and disease was “Thy will be done!”

I’d put unspoken expectations, provisions, and conditions at the end of it. For example, if I can return to work and not need to go on disability, if this illness isn’t a serious and limit my activities, if Jim will come back and a not divorce me. I yelled, fussed/cussed, moaned/groaned, bitched/twitched, screamed, and yelled “No! Not this cup at or that cup!’

These battlefields lasted days weeks months and years. Slowly, ever so slowly, I was able to drop the limits on what God‘s will might be. God‘s will unfolds moment by moment in all the events of my life. As I fight the Gethsemane battle, I pray, “Thy will be done! ”

There were those around Jesus that felt that Jerusalem and the cross couldn’t possibly be in God’s plan will and will for Him. They were looking at things from earthly calculations, rations, and reason. None of this would compute for them from where they were standing.

But standing on the other side of the cross, you and I can see re-demption and re-creation for all mankind, the Lord’s view! As you and I stand at the beginning of life, you think can find God’s will at that point for the rest of your life. Not so! God’s will is that you manifest his strength in every moment of your life to his honor, praise, and Glory. The particulars matter not.

The lord is looking at your relationship with Him and the tiniest of things of life. You do God’s will, not been useful to Him but by being and in right relationship to Him. It’s god’s promise of will that you not wrestle with Him but wrestle with things before him, like Jacob.

As you abide in the Lord in every circumstance, battle, and struggle of life, you are the will of God. It’s the only you obey and are faithful to the task of the moment, in the darkness and an unknown, that you fund the Lord’s will. The Lord expects shoot to do His will and helps you to do it.




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