10 11 2012


“Do not lead me into a temptation, but deliver me from evil.”
Matthew 6: 13
You deliver me from evil!

When it seemed like the whole world was collapsing around me and on me at, I would find myself slipping into periods of self pity, anxiety, fear, depression, and despair. The battlefield up a of my mind would become littered up with the negative, unhealthy thinking.

I would become obsessed, consumed with and by these thoughts. It would get to the point that my thoughts would interfere with my life, living relationships with myself children, but friends, and God. Thoughts about the circumstances of my life would become the main focus blocking out everything else.

For every thought, your body has corresponding changes in your chemical, hormonal, breathing, and muscle balance. Thoughts + a body response = emotions. The Lord meant for you to use your emotions as a guide them in life, but not your God.

My illness, divorce, and thoughts about them were becoming the main focus of my life … my God & not my guide. Each would fan the other. I would become caught in a downward spiral of the mind, body, in spirit. I found myself desperately breathing, “Give me balance!” “Don’t met me slip and fall!” “Deliver me from these thoughts!”

I was praying “You deliver me!” Over and over, the children of Israel were delivered from tempting thoughts and fears on the battlefields of their history. They were tempted to run, flee, and give up when they logically looked at the odds of the battles they faced. When they added God into the equation of their thinking, and made Him their main focus, they were delivered in every battle no matter how hopeless every battle looked!




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