Forgiveness“Forgive our debts, as we have also

3 05 2013


“Forgive our debts, as we have also forgiven our debtors.” (Matthew 6:12)


                                         “I forgive.”


I thought learning to assume responsibility for myself, and breathe the breath prayer, “God, forgive me, a sinner” was a monumental battle.  That battle waxed and waned over years of experience, study, counseling, and leading by the Holy Spirit.  I had no idea of what or how difficult the next phase of the battle would be to learn to breathe “I forgive.”


The Lord worked on me through devotionals, Sunday School lesson, and Bible passages.  He brought Moses before me, who had not only forgave the Children of Israel for making the fatted calf, but asked God to take him in their place, if He could not forgive them. 


Jesus forgave the soldiers at the cross and gimself in their place.  In neither instance were the people asking for forgiveness, or had a sense of their sin, or need of forgiveness but they were forgiven.


The lord pointed out to me that I would be forgiven, in like manner, as I had forgiven.  I certainly didn’t want to forgive if it meant that I had to love and leave myself open to being hurt by forgiving, but the Lord said “yes” to both.  The Lord showed me that forgiving was simply a matter of taking my place in front of the cross along with those I felt had wronged me.  I became a sinner on level ground with everyone else.

Standing in front of the cross as a beautiful sinner, human being, lost and broken child of God made me whole in the Lord’s redeeming love.  That love allowed me to forgive and let those who had hurt me stand in equal status at the Savior’s feet.  Forgetting was not required, just remembering who and where I was.


Forgiving was for me and not the other people.  As long as I am trapped and stuck in judging, anger, blame, bitterness, and retaliation, I can’t assume responsibility for myself and the power to change myself to move along in my life.  I can’t be free until I ask for and give forgiveness, before the throne of the cross the of the Lord!




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