“YOU go before, prepare the way, carry, &fight for me!”

25 07 2013

“You go before me, prepare the way, carry, and fight for me!” (from many scriptures)


Recently, I developed a sore on the middle finger of my right hand.  For the first three weeks, the doctors treated it like it was an infection.  Finally, I decided it wasn’t an infection, but an ulcer caused by my Raynaud’s.


The pain was excruciating!  I called and asked my rheumatologist to prescribe some nitroglycerin paste to keep the pain from being so severe.  Raynaud’s causes the vessels of your fingertips, toes, lips, nose, and the ear lobes to clamp down and not allow oxygen to get to them when exposed to stress, cold or vibration.


My rheumatologist referred me to a vascular surgeon.  That’s when the adventure began!  The surgeon did not say much.  He just stood in the middle of the room and stared at my finger.  He kept calling other people into the room and & saying look at that this!


He referred me to a hand and shoulder surgeon.  When I left the, I still didn’t know what was wrong.  I requested that I be sent a copy of his office notes.  When I got the office notes, I was shocked white out of my boots!  The diagnosis was gangrene!  Yikes!


In the meantime.  My rheumatologist was trying to treat the problem with medications.  I could not tolerate the medication.  They made me nonfunctional.  I finally decided to go on to see the surgeon to schedule surgery.


The surgeon explained that the Doppler ultrasound that had been done shower that there was little to no circulation getting to the fingertips of my right hand and not much more to the left hand.


He scheduled me for surgery the next day, which was Saturday!  Wow!  It was considered emergency surgery since he didn’t want any more tissue to die.  He planned to remove the fingernail and the dead tissue at the end of my finger.


While I waited for an hour in the main lobby for someone to come get me, I listened to a beautiful piano renditions of some of my favorite hymns and read meaningful scriptures on my Kindle Fire.  The Holy Spirit came and filled.  I sat there crying and had a wonderful worship experience!


Little did I know that the Lord was preparing me for warfare.  The preop nurse was hot and bothered because things had gotten behind and she was struggling to catch up.  She dumped her frustrations on me.


The Lord had gone before, prepared the way, carried, and fought for me every step of the journey even when I didn’t know I needed it! 


Now, I look back, marvel, and give thanks and praise for all the Lord has and is doing to not only make it through this experience but to transcend it with the Breath Prayer “You go before, prepare the way, carry, and fight for me!”




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